Вече српске поезије и филма и приредба у Српскаоници (фебруар 2014)

February 26, 2014

One of the events outside of London during Serbian Month 2014 was an evening of Serbian Poetry and Film in Reading.  The initiative was taken by parents and staff of the Reading Serbian School “Srpskaonica”, a name given by its pupils (6-11 years old). The Serbian Council of Great Britain, under whose auspices the school operates, also helped out with their expertise in the event organising.

This lovely, well-attended event took place on Saturday 8 February, just before the half-term holidays.

It was a good opportunity for the audience to see a short performance by the school children. It is difficult to single out anyone in particular as they were all keen to show how many letters they’ve learnt since last September. However the highlights of this part of the event was Mića Blanuša’s flute playing, as well as the spontaneous greeting extended to everyone by Luka Živković, one of the youngest but most forthcoming pupils. This greeting and the promise that the kids would treat guests to even more “goodies from their bag of ever more acquired knowledge of Serbian” came after he himself, alongside Nikola Vlahović, led children to sing “Čoban tera ovčice”, their all time favourite song.

The short show was followed by the reading of “Winter Evening”, a piece of lyrical prose by Dr Suzana Louth. It was read in Serbian by Iva Živković, one of our most capable “actresses”, and in English by Dr Louth.

Dr Suzana Louth won the third prize at the First Poetry Competition organized by the Serbian Library in London last year. The competition was open to the Serbian diaspora in Great Britain. The Serbian Library published the book “Tobacco Tales” with the collection of poetry winning the competition prize.

Suzana’s lyrical prose was warmly received as she uses her writing to maintain a connection with her country of origin, using the richness of her mother tongue to ensure that her native roots are deeply embedded in her adopted country. Her writing is a result of notes and impressions about dear people, memories and time, made over the years.

The last part of the evening, followed by Serbian specialities made by mums and dads, was the film “The Ice”, an award winning movie by Jelena Bajić Jočić. Although it is the first movie directed by Bajić Jočić it has raised a lot of interest and was acclaimed when shown at the London Film Festival last autumn.

This beautifully filmed drama promotes the values and the beauty of Serbia in a most delicate and yet deeply touching way. The tale of lost happiness and dreams, fears and transience, supremacy of fate and laws of nature, gratitude and cruelty of nature, and the inability of man to change that and influence the course of his own life.

Чланак преузет са Бритића